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Updated: Mar 6

My name is Linda, and before we discuss nutrition and fitness, I want to tell you about myself, how I got started in my health journey, and what sparked my interest to become a health professional.

Growing up I had several health issues that felt minor, unexplained, and annoying, and that traditional medicine was not able to figure out. I looked overall healthy and happy, so I never thought I had any health concerns. Fast forward to being an adult, I started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, IBS, heavy and painful periods, headaches, constant fatigue, allergies, and more, and in 2018 I was diagnosed as Prediabetic. This was a HUGE shock for me!!! I was active, instructed fitness classes, and I thought I ate healthy. I couldn't be more wrong...

I started going back to my childhood to try to find answers and found a long history of diabetes in my family. My great grandmother had both legs amputated because of diabetes complications, and passed away a few years later. My grandmother's brother also had a foot amputated because of diabetes, and died shortly after that. And my grandmother has been dealing with diabetes since I remember, she just never admits it and has never changed anything in her diet. I am worried she is starting to suffer from complications too. I also started connecting the dots with memories I had, like being taken to a weight loss clinic and being told I was insulin resistant as a teenager, restricting my food to lose weight, eating cake or bread for breakfast, and feeling constantly tired in my teens.

With this long history in mind, I knew I had to make some changes ASAP. I revamped my diet, started working out more, and started studying both fitness and nutrition to improve my own health and to be able to help others prevent diabetes and support their energy, balance their mood, and improve their mental health. I am now a certified Personal Trainer, Type 2 Diabetes Fitness Instructor, and Nutrition Coach, and studying to become a Holistic Nutritionist. I have helped several clients achieve healthier blood sugar levels through personal training and nutrition coaching, and look forward to help more people.

My mission is to educate people on blood sugar regulation and its importance for good health, this includes nutrition topics, fitness, physical activity, as well as navigating the health care system, medications, and mental health. And along with my husband Kyle Horgan, who is a Registered Kinesiologist, I want to also educate people on the benefits of exercise for overall health, injury prevention, blood sugar regulation, and healthy aging.

I look forward to sharing all this amazing info and continuing with my mission to prevent and manage diabetes naturally and efficiently!

P.S. : Please feel free to ask questions in the comments, and if you find my blog posts helpful, please share with your loved ones who may benefit from it!

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