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Online Exercise Therapy, Nutrition Coaching, and Custom Programming for people looking to improve their health and move pain-free.

Empowering a community of healthy individuals through a tailored wellness solution

We’ve all been there—feeling stuck, unmotivated, and tired of postponing our wellness goals. Whether you spend your days tied to a desk, juggling school work and play, or taking care of your family at home, you have the power to transform your journey.


And sometimes, all you need is support and accountability to take that first step.

At BeWell Health & Performance, our mission is to guide you to reach your highest quality of life. We offer online nutrition coaching, exercise therapy, functional fitness, and strength training for adults.

Our holistic approach is personalized to your specific needs, striving to help you improve your whole self in a way that works for YOU.

You deserve a chance to perform and be well.

Together, we can build your confidence to reach new heights!


BeWell Health & Performance started in June 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as a response to our frustration with the medical system.

We realized our former clients, friends, family, and even ourselves were not getting the support we needed to address the root cause of our health problems. And we desperately wanted to change that. 

Combining 15+ years of health and wellness experience, we aim to bridge the gap we see in the industry by helping people lead wholesome lives—free of pain and worry.

Today, we continue expanding our knowledge and learning from our community to serve you with an optimized wellness program adapted to your story.

Who We Are

  • A group of certified health and wellness professionals willing to listen

  • A dedicated team that offers customized holistic support to unique human beings

  • A community of empowered and committed rockstars (yes, we are talking about YOU too!)

Who We Are Not

  • A bunch of know-it-alls who will judge you and boss you around

  • A company focused on one-size-fits-all programs and quick fixes 

  • A sales team pushing magical weight-loss and fitness plans

About Us


  • You have a story to tell—We take the time to hear it to find the best way to support you.

  • You face complex challenges—We leverage mindset coaching, motivational interviewing, and empathy to help you navigate roadblocks to change.

  • You deserve trauma-informed care—We recognize the prevalence of trauma, understand how it may affect you, and provide a safe and compassionate space for everyone.

  • You have the ability to uplift others—Our packages may include access to an online app to follow at-home programming, track your progress, and motivate other BeWell members (virtual high fives, anyone?)

Why BeWell?
Our Services


1-1 Personal training


Let’s get personal.

Individual coaching tailored to your particular needs. Service may include exercise therapy, strength training, and nutrition coaching. Available both in person and online (Limited spots).



Health through movement.

Functional fitness coaching focused on strength training and mobility. Custom exercise programs can help you correct impairments, restore function and maintain a state of well-being.

wellness education


Empowerment through knowledge.

Education via seminars, workshops, courses, and easily accessible information that arms you with the knowledge and tools you need to feel empowered and take action towards your health goals.

nutrition & lifestyle coaching


Learn to nourish your body.

Personal coaching custom to your specific needs and goals. We help you build nutrition and lifestyle habits that improve your physical and mental health, bolster immunity, and help you manage stress in a sustainable way.

Our Staff

OUR team

kyle horgan

Registered Kinesiologist and Ergonomics Specialist

linda horgan

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach


client success stories

“BeWell has helped me in ways that I cannot explain. I met Kyle late in 2021 after suffering for weeks with an injury that I thought would restrict me for the rest of my life. 

Kyle’s kinesiology background and knowledge have helped me work on mobility and strength. I have learned how to manage the pain while exercising and stretching. Though I will never recover 100% from my injury, working with BeWell has taught me that it’s not the end of my wellness journey.”

Kayla Wing

“Kyle took the time to get to know me, learn what my goals and my challenges were. I always felt like he cared and was there to support me. He made a personalized fitness and nutrition plan tailored to me that was realistic and set me up for success.

I enjoyed my experience so much that I knew my husband would too. So, my husband and I started to train with Kyle, and I think we get most of our ab workouts from laughter.”

“I have been working with Linda for four weeks doing nutrition coaching and fitness activity, and I can say you will NOT find someone more committed to helping you reach your goals.
She is passionate, understands your struggles, and works with you to overcome them. She never provides “cookie-cutter” answers or options. Everything she does with you is customized to YOU and the struggles you may have had. I am so happy that I took the chance on her nutrition coaching.”

Carrie Hamer

“At the end of school, I began a guided workout and nutrition plan from BeWell. Not only has this allowed me to take control of my eating habits, but they have also given me all the tools I need to continue working out from home safely and effectively.

I am happy to say I feel more in control of my health than I have ever before.”

Sam Hammill

Tanya Lewis

Success Stories
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