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kyle horgan

Registered Kinesiologist
and Holistic Coach

Born and raised in the GTA, Kyle has always felt drawn to movement.

His path to kinesiology started with an injury (aha!). Kyle joined a recreational baseball team while studying Mechanical Engineering Technology. One day, as he was sprinting through the bases, he strained his back, dropped to the floor, and couldn’t walk for three days as a result.

He worked with a fantastic team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers on his road to recovery. Their level of care and dedication ignited Kyle’s desire to help others and led him to change careers to Kinesiology at Lakehead University. That’s where his fascination with musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation came along.

After graduating, Kyle worked at several boutique fitness studios and quickly realized people needed MORE than the average fitness class. They sought holistic guidance to attain happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles. And that’s what he intends to achieve with BeWell.

Certifications and qualifications:

  • Honours Bachelor in Kinesiology

  • Registered Kinesiologist

  • Soft Tissue Release (Level 1)

  • Experience working with national-level athletes

  • Trained under NHL strength and conditioning coach

  • Emergency First Aid, CPR-C, and AED


linda HORGAN

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Linda was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where she grew up enjoying music, playing sports, and dreaming of being a professional dancer.

She moved to Canada in 2014, searching for greater opportunities. As she was starting a new life and yearning for belonging, she tried a fitness class at a community centre—a combination of dance, physical activity, and collective care. She fell in love with building confidence through movement and decided to pursue a career in fitness to share this experience with others.

Linda has taught countless fitness classes, including BollyX, Ginga Fitness, Zumba, TRX suspension training, boot camps, kickboxing and more. Yet, something was still missing. 

After struggling with gut problems for the past 15 years and receiving a prediabetes diagnosis in 2018, Linda decided to take ownership of her health and find the answers the medical system failed to give her. She saw a nutritionist, completed a nutrition certification, cleaned up her diet, and got to the bottom of it! She also suffered a few injuries along the way that deepened her interest in movement training and rehabilitation.

Today, Linda aims to shine a light on people’s health journeys. She understands firsthand what it’s like to be left in the dark and aspires to help others feel seen through their wellness path.

Certifications and qualifications:

  • Medfit Type 2 Diabetes Fitness Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1

  • Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist

  • Canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist

  • TRX Suspension and Functional Training

  • Emergency First Aid, CPR, and AED


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